family adoption

Rural health training is already a part of the MBBS curriculum under rural health training centers affiliated with each medical college.

So now Rural health training further crystallized into a family adoption programme, through a village outreach project.

Under this scheme, students are expected to Adopt 5-7 house-holds per student

Give health education under the guidance Visit can be organized at a suitable time at the institute

With the help of panchayat and health staff, we will be able to sensitize the villagers and gain their acceptance and confidence.

Students shall be introduced to the art of history taking, like asking about illness and addiction in the family.

family adoption programme
Family adoption programe

Similarly measuring height and weight taking vitals and general and oral examination can be taught.

With help and support from others, dept investigations like hemoglobin, and blood sugar can be done.

Students should take the initiative to be the family’s primary contact in case of emergency in consultation with their mentors.

Students are expected to record each household in the logbook.

Demographics to be registered like age gender etc.

family adoption village