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Rural Health Training Center

Rural Health Training Centre Sachin | Population: 1lakh | Distance from College: 25 km | Hostel Facility available: Yes

Active since1975

community medicine
  1. Undergraduate training and learning in IMNCI, UIP, National Health Programme

  2. Intern’s training in rural areas like Vanz, Vakhtana, Lajpore

  3. Postgraduates training in planning and management of UIP, community work, family planning, tuberculosis and data  management,

  4.  Immunization: Every Monday, Mamta Divas is observed at the center. Routine Immunization, Antenatal Care, Nutrition, and Dietary advice are given to beneficiaries. Around 70-80 beneficiaries attend this event. PGs actively take part in vaccine cold chain monitoring and maintenance, immunization, recording and biomedical waste disposal

  5. Ante-Natal Clinic: Every Monday, the Antenatal clinic is organized. Around 40 antenatal women attend it. The PGs and staff are actively involved in providing antenatal care, referral, and  health promotion

  6. Family visits – Follow-up visits are done in the rural health practice areas to record the vital events and health-promotive and preventive activities