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The Family Adoption Programme in MBBS Medical Education | Competency-Based Medical Education

The National Medical Commission has introduced a family adoption programme recently in the MBBS curriculum. Many colleges have started it in their respective colleges.

family adoption programme
Family Adoption Programme MBBS

What is Family Adoption Programme (FAP)?

What are the objectives of the Family Adoption Programme?

To maintain the high standards of Indian medical education, NMC is making continuous modifications.

So that equitable health distribution through well-trained allopathic doctors could be provided to the citizens of India.

A few challenges highlighted in medical education are:

Production of doctors with poor practical knowledge, in spite of having 845 medical colleges and more than 1 lac seats. Some essential skills like identifying diseases, and differentiating serious conditions requiring emergency treatment from milder or chronic ailments.

And practical training in administering iv fluid, drawing blood, and wound dressing, so that such doctors cater to rural health care needs efficiently.

family adoption programme MBBS
Family Adoption Programme MBBS

There are more than 6 lac villages across 736 districts of India where 66.7% of the country’s total population lives.

Health problems in rural areas.

Mainly infectious/waterborne diseases, Injuries, and snakebites/insect bites.

Non-communicable diseases include metabolic disorders, accidents and injuries also include mental illnesses.

Most importantly there is a lack of awareness among them. If rural health improves the overall health of the country improves.

Rural Health Training Centers:

Rural health training is already a part of the MBBS curriculum under rural health training centers affiliated with each medical college.

So now Rural health training further crystallized into a family adoption programme, through a village outreach project.

Family Adoption Programme scheme

Under this scheme, students are expected to Adopt 5-7 house-holds per student

Give health education under the guidance Visit can be organized at a suitable time at the institute

With the help of panchayat and health staff, we will be able to sensitize the villagers and gain their acceptance and confidence.

Household information in the Family Adoption Programme:

Students are expected to record each household in the logbook.

Demographics to be recorded like age gender etc.

Students shall be introduced to the art of history taking like asking about illness and inquiring about addiction in the family and so on.

Similarly measuring height and weight taking vitals and general and oral examination can be taught.

With help and support from others, dept investigations like haemoglobin, and blood sugar can be done.

Students should take the initiative in being the primary contact for the family in case of emergency in consultation with their mentors.

family adoption programme MBBS

Follow-up records in The Family Adoption Programme:

Follow-up records must be maintained by the students, which will be periodically evaluated by the mentors.

all the data can be submitted at the end of the 6th semester.

Things like social responsibility, tree plantation, cleanliness, and sanitation shall be incorporated into this programme for the holistic development of the Indian medical graduate.

Advantages to students:

The FAP is expected to hone communication skills which are the backbone of the profession

Developing leadership qualities and making them better doctors.

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family adoption programme MBBS
Family Adoption Programme MBBS

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