Useful facts !

  • Buggy Creek virus is also known as – the Chikungunya virus
  • National pollution prevention day is 2nd December
  • ‘Kdr Type’ mutation is found in -Anopheles gambiae, Anopheles stephensi ,Anopheles sacharon.
  • A sub-district hospital winning the Kayakalp Award will be given an amount of: 15 lacs
  • The benefit that comes from solving one’s own problem is termed as: Intrinsic incentive
  • A family where all of its members play a part in its management is termed as: Communal family
  • Non-maleficence in health research ethics means: Subject should suffer no harm
  • Which section of Indian Medical Council Act 1956 deals with standards of postgraduates Medical Education?: section 20
  • For what purpose were knowledge, attitude and practice studies were first used in India?: family planning
  • Which micronutrient is required for erythrocyte fragility? Selenium

Rickettsial diseases

Rickettsial diseases


Fish have been widely used in public health, since as early as 1903. One of the most successful and widely used biological control agents against mosquito larvae is the top water minnow or mosquito fish Gambusia affinis. Fish other than Gambusia which has received the most attention as a mosquito control agent is Poecilia reticulata, the common guppy introduced in 1910.

Compiled by Dr Seethal Rose PSM.

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